What is Host a Murder Suitable for?

Host a Murder is the perfect game for any occasion.  We’ve facilitated the game for Christmas Parties, Birthday Parties a great idea for 21st Birthdays, 30th,40th,50th and 60th, It’s also an effective Team Building game and for Team Building it is Tax Deductible, It has also been very popular with teen Birthdays.  A great fundraising idea, A fun game for Reunion parties, House warm parties, product launches. As well as Hens and Bucks Nights.  We also conducted our first ever Host a Murder Wedding! The list of reasons for doing a host a Murder is endless.

Let us know what the occasion is!

To give you a few ideas:

  • 21st Birthdays
  • All Birthdays
  • Team Building
  • Ice Breakers
  • Dating
  • Social Clubs
  • A Fun Night Out
  • Graduation Parties
  • Xmas in July Themed Party
  • Christmas Party
  • School Reunion
  • Reunion Party
  • Pop Star Party
  • Murder Mystery Party
  • New Year’s Eve Theme Party
  • Engagement Themed Party
  • Hens Night Themed Party
  • Bucks Night Theme Party
  • Halloween Theme Party
  • Friday 13th party
  • Dinner Party
  • Cruise Party
  • Corporate Events
  • Product Launches Party
  • Birthday Party for Adults
  • 50’s Party
  • 60’s Party
  • 70’s Party
  • Golf Days
  • Retirement Party
  • Team Building
  • Farewell Party
  • Farewell Party
  • House Warming Party
  • Bon Voyage Party
  • Goodbye Party
  • 40th / 60th Birthday Party
  • Christmas Party
  • School Reunion
  • Welcome Home Party
  • BBQ Party


Host a Murder provided the right atmosphere for everyone to connect in a relaxed and social atmosphere that broke down any barriers that may have been created on the job.
iliams , Applied Mining Technologies

Christmas Parties

christmas party games

Are you looking for a fun Christmas party idea? Look no further. Host a Murder is a wonderful game to entertain your staff. Host a Murder is a great way to end the year as it is not only very funny and intriguing but will really bond your work mates together.aAre you looking for a fun Christmas party idea? Look no further. Host a Murder is a wonderful game to entertain your staff. Host a Murder is a great way to end the year as it is not only very funny and intriguing but will really bond your work mates together.


Birthday Party


Everyone should celebrate their Birthday! Why not try something new and have your friends and family talking about the night for weeks to come! Wether you are celebrating a 21st Birthday or even a milestone such as 30th, 40th, 50th, or 60th Host a Murder is a great way to celebrate your special day! Our murder mystery birthday games are suitable for all age groups, cultures and nationalities.Why do the same old thing you usually do? Be the perfect Host and Host-a-Murder. We can come to you so you can enjoy the privacy of your own home. You can also select one of our recommended venues just check out locations. Our themed birthday parties cover setting’s in the 1920’s & 30’s Great Gatsby style, to Shakespearan Time to the Wild West. We also have games set on a Yacht, to a train and even on The Star Trek’s Enterprise.


Team Building


In the past 28 years in business we have facilitated Host a Murder for numerous renowned corporate companies such as Reserve Bank of Australia, The Treasury, AMP, Telecom (Telstra), Toshiba, Anthony Robbins Training Group, Coopers Lybrand, Roche just to name a few.  And have great testimonials to show the effectiveness of Host a Murder as a Team Building game.  Our research has shown that the biggest problem confronting corporations worldwide is the breakdown of communication between upper and middle management or between departments. Host-a-Murder is a game that allows people to let go of their roles and titles in a fun filled open environment, encouraging people to relate to each other in different ways. Breaking the ice and opening lines of communication at the very beginning of a corporate team building event or conference can definitively improve the whole quality of the day. The structure of our games allows the creation of new lines of communication. This allows people to build on relationships and learn from one another. Host-a-Murder Team Building events are tax deductible!


Hens Party


Every girl likes to dress up and play detective and impress their girlfriends, and find out whodunit! Host a murdery mystery party is suitable for all age groups and cultures. Great for friends, families and future relatives to have a unique, funny and entertaining night over dinner.  We’ve conducted hunreds of Hens Party and have great themes to choose from! This is also wonderful,  combined with Hi Tea and makingit a Hens party with class.


Teenage Birthday Party


Are you concerned about Gate Crashers? Your party will be totally supervised by staff and teenabe guests will only be invited by personal invitation. Every year, do you constantly search for a unique party for your teenager that’s different from the rest? Well, you can stop searching – you’ve found it!

We all love playing games – and our Host-a-Murder mystery party are a great way to keep a group of teenagers entertained for approximately 2.5 hrs. There are two games designed specifically for the teenage market (13 – 18yr olds); Star Trek’s “The mystery of the missing Orb of Knowledge” and “BBQ with the Vampires”. Get your teenager off  computer games and get them to interact and communicate with one another in a human way! Host-a-Murder for young people can encourage creativity, increase confidence, improve concentration, bring out their sense of humour and is a great way to have fun and dress up with friends. And will provide them with a unique form of entertainment that will impress their friends. Don’t you try and convince them show them our video! And they will want to Host a Murder Mystery Party.