Murder Mystery Themes/Games

Host A Murder offers dozens of mystery games and themes, set in different periods and locations, for you to choose from. You can dress up in Great Gatsby style, or as a sharp-shooting cowboy.  You can toss on a toga as a Roman Emperor, or conduct an attack as a ‘none more black’ vampire.

Our favourite and most popular game themes are ‘Waters-Downe Affair’, ‘The Good, The Bad, and The Guilty’, ‘The Last Train from Paris’ and ‘Powar and Greede’.

There are two games designed specifically for the teenage market (13 – 18yrs): ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation – The Mystery of the Missing Orbit of Knowledge’ and ‘BBQ with a Vampire’.

Have a look at the themes available and see which one suits your murder mystery party best.

lasttrainfromparis1. Last Train from Paris

It’s 1940, you’re aboard an express, escaping soon-to-be-occupied Paris as the German troops march towards the city. Roads are blocked; trains are crammed. This game is lot like Murder on the Orient Express with a brilliant twist. Find out who killed Fiona Fae Tahlle, the mysterious passenger in cabin Number 9.


teenagebirthdaypartygames2. Powar and Greede

You and the other guests are gathered in the glare of the spotlights at Powars Oriental Gardens Theater for the premiere of Powar Film Studios’ newest release, Powar and Greede. A small, private party for the cast is being held in the Banquet Room adjoining the theatre, while outside, Hollywood’s elite mill about, breathlessly anticipating the 8:30pm curtain. Earlier today, W. Anton Powar appeared in the private garden of the theatre where, as a publicity stunt for the new film, the impression of his bare feet was made in concrete beside that of his former star, Tatyana Eltale. After retiring to his private apartment at the conclusion of the ceremony, Powar was expected to join you and his other special guests for cocktails before the movie commences, but he’s running curiously late…


3. The Good, The Bad, The Guilty

You are cordially invited to the public hanging of the infamous ‘Malevolent Seven’ – a villainous gang of no-good, ornery hombres who have been targeting your beloved territory for years. His Honour, Judge Waylon Payne will preside over a sumptuous dinner before the main event. Assume the role of an Old West character as you solve the murder that occurs just before the festivities.


watersdown-affair-game-ideas4. Waters-Downe Affair

It is 1936 at an English country mansion. Sir Roger Waters-Downe, the wealthy owner of Waters-Downe Beverages, Ltd, has invited several friends to a weekend party at his mansion. On arrival they find Sir Roger dead – drowned in his swimming pool. Three opposing wills have are discovered… who wrote them and who killed Sir Roger?!


vampire games5. BBQ with a Vampire

Who is turning the good citizens of Jugular Springs into bats? Find out when you attend rock superstar Killian Killagan’s barbecue at his spooky castle on Dead Mans Bluff. Who is guilty of these batty acts?


mamingoftheshrew6. Maming of the Shrew

It is the twelfth night of Christmas and renowned playwright William Sheepshearer and his beloved wife Katheter DeVane have invited you to dine like royalty at the Glib Theatre. However, instead of a sumptuous feast, the stage is covered with blood! What mournful deeds have been done this night?!


roman ruins games7. Roman Ruins

Having mentioned your name in his Roman epic, the renowned poet, Flabbius Corpus, invites you to a banquet for the premier recitation of his historical work. On arrival his guests find his body in the garden…stabbed in the back… and the buttocks! He is found to have pottery fragments in his hair, marble fragments around his body, and three broken ribs. Who killed poor Flabbius?


8. Grapes of Frath

You have been invited for a Mediterranean cruise aboard the Guilded Vessel, the personal yacht of Archibald Frath for Dinner. On boarding the yacht Archibald Frath is found dead – stabbed in the heart – inside his wine locker, buried under 2000 champagne corks. All the champagne is gone and his wine locker is bolted from the inside. Find out who killed Archibald Frath and stole all his precious champagne.


9. Star Trek: The Next Generation – In Search of the Missing Orb of Knowledge

It is STARDATE 47729.75 aboard the USS Enterprise. Members of a small away-team have returned from the remote planet Delphi-4 with the legendary Orb of Knowledge. At a celebration banquet, excitement turns to dismay when the Orb is stolen and the away-team must decide who among them has committed the crime.


10. Wall Street Scandal

The Wolf Of Wall Street… (If you are involved in the finance industry, stock market, broker, banking, this game is a must for you!)
Who lost the most money on Black Monday? This morning, all eyes focus on Bonds & Trage and its larger-than-life founder, the infamous and tyrannical Jon K. Bonds. Starting in the trading pits some 30 years ago, Bonds built his small firm into a financial services giant. A master deal-maker and confidant of New York money and power, Bonds has sometimes been unscrupulous in his determination to undermine his rivals, particularly competitor Churnham & Burnham. Confidential sources inside the company indicate that Bonds may soon step down from his position. His age, 56, is not believed to be the primary factor. The U.S. Attorney General’s office is reportedly investigating Bond’s possible involvement in stock manipulation and conspiracy schemes. If Bonds does leave the company, his successor will face the difficult task of guiding both the battered firm and the wealthy Argonaut Fund through the Black Monday disaster.


11. Class of ’54

Roley City High School Class of 1954 celebrates its fifth reunion this month with a weekend of activities highlighted by a rock’n’roll concert featuring the class’s most illustrious graduate, Rock N. Roley. The two-and-a-half-hour performance will begin at 3:00pm, Saturday, August 15, and is expected to fill the Roley City Municipal Auditorium. “Rock has fond memories of Roley High,” says the star’s business manager, Joseph K. Awledge, “and he’s looking forward to seeing many of his old friends again.” While the Class of ’54 has much to celebrate, it will not eagerly recall the outcome of the 1954 Homecoming game. The Big Game with rival Lowe Valley was lost by the Roley Rollers, 24-21, the first ever loss to the Lowe Riders. Homecoming was also marred by the tragic death of Becky Sue Lamour, a student at Roley High who was killed near midnight after the Homecoming dance, when the car in which she was a passenger stalled on the railroad tracks at Back Road Crossing and was struck by a freight train. The driver, Rock N. Roley, escaped without injury. Reunion activities will commence at 9:00am Saturday with a tour of the new gymnasium, after which Principal R. Anton Ravon will make his remarks.